Józef Piłsudski’s poor state of health led doctors to advise the Marshal to spend a lengthy period resting in a milder climate. In December 1930 Piłsudski decided to leave for Madeira. On his way to the island he met the President of Portugal General Óscar Carmona in Lisbon. On Madeira he stayed in Funchal in a rented villa with a garden. He led a measured and tranquil life there and within a few weeks his health improved substantially. During this break on Madeira Piłsudski wrote his last work Correcting History (Poprawki historyczne).


As 19 March 1931 (the Marshal’s name day) drew closer a flood of greetings cards started pouring into Funchal from Poland. Much to the consternation of the Portuguese post office 1,040,000 letters and postcards were sent. Piłsudski was particularly interested in the birthday greetings he received from children. Immediately following his name day the Marshal returned to Poland. He had stayed on Madeira for three and a half months. It was his longest stay abroad during the period of Poland’s independence.